I offer a range of sleep consultation packages to suit different budgets and lifestyles. Research has shown that other communication modes such as online and telephone are just as effective as face to face communication but with the added benefit of being easier to fit in around a busy life. This also allows me to help families not based in my immediate area. Normally I cover the area of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Ringwood (extra travel will incur extra cost).

If you cannot find a package that suits your family then please contact me with your needs regarding a customised package.


Online Sleep Consultations

My online package is a popular choice for busy families and those that are out of my local area. With all online packages you will be sent an online assessment with questions to determine the nature of your child’s sleep problems. You will also be sent a monitoring questionnaire to enable me to gain more insight into your child’s daily routine.

Once I receive the assessment and monitoring questionnaires I will begin work on your personalised sleep plan. This will be tailored entirely to the information you provide me with, it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all solution’ and will be based around your preferences.

You also receive a two weeks follow-up support via text, whats app or email where you can ask me any questions you have while following the sleep plan, get help on any issues that arise, as well as provide me with any feedback you have.

Package price: £80


My telephone packages are a great choice for those who live outside of my local area and who would prefer to speak to me regarding the problems they are experiencing.

I offer a 40 minute telephone assessment to find out more about the problems that you are experiencing with your child’s sleep, to look at some historical factors and to work with you to determine what the problem is.

Once we have completed the assessment I will send you a personalised sleep plan based on the information you have provided me with and some monitoring questionnaires.

I will follow this up with two weeks of support via text or email regarding any questions or issues that arise whilst you follow the sleep plan.

Package Price £160

Please note: I also offer a 20 minute information and advice call for £40. During this call we can discuss any specific issues you may be having with your child (i.e. night terrors).

Telephone Sleep Consultations

Face to Face

Face to Face Sleep Consultations

My face to face packages are great for those who want to meet me in person or who think it will be particularly useful for me to meet their child, view their child’s sleeping arrangements or see their home.

These packages tend to be a favourite for those who live in my local area. I offer a 1 hour face to face assessment to determine the nature of your child’s sleep problems and gather some historical information.

Following the assessment and based on your preferences I will then develop your personalised sleep plan to address the problems outlined in the assessment. Once you are happy to start your sleep plan I will be on hand for two weeks via email, whats app or text to support you with any questions you have or address any new issues should they arise.

Package price: £250

Please note: I also offer a 45 minute face to face observation session for £65. While this is not a full assessment it does allow me to address any particular issues you are having in isolation.


My group packages are a great way to develop your understanding of sleep and learn vital information regarding sleep at different stages of a child’s life. This will be delivered in the form of a workshop with a question and answer session at the end.

I offer a newborn group package for expectant parents as well as age specific packages for groups wanting to focus more on a specific age range. I can also work with groups whose children are of different ages.

The length of these sessions depends on the package required and the number of people in attendance. I ask for a minimum of 4 people and ideally a maximum of 10 people for a group. With these numbers a session would be between 1-2 hours. Customised group packages can be discussed with me upon request.

Package price: £30 (per person)

Group Sleep Consultations


Sleep Consultation Add-ons

These are available for those parents who have already purchased a package from me but who would like to have some additional support. This support could be immediately after the sleep plan has been implemented or a few months down the line when a new issue may arise that parents want to discuss with me.

  • 2 weeks further email/text support – £70
  • 20 minute telephone call – £40
  • 30-40 minute telephone call – £60
  • 30-40 minute follow up home visit – £100

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I’d love the opportunity to work with you and your family whether that be online, face to face, or in a group.

Or if you’d just like to get in touch to find out more please contact me.