“Let them sleep…
for when they wake
they will move mountains”

Welcome to Sweet Dreams

Are you feeling overwhelmed by advice on how to get your baby to sleep? Do you need help with setting a routine that suits you and your baby that will aid good sleep? Are you tired and unable to function properly? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then Sweet Dreams Sleep Solutions is here for you.

When your baby isn’t sleeping well it impacts on everyone in the household. Sleep deprivation affects the wellbeing of those affected, from your baby missing out on vital sleep to aid brain development and growth, to your own happiness and full enjoyment of life. It is hard to function under a haze of sleep deprivation and at Sweet Dreams Sleep Solutions I understand the impact that poor sleep has and I want to help. I work with you and your baby to find the sleep solution that will bring sweet dreams to your household so that everyone is well rested and happier. I have a range of packages to fit all lifestyles and budgets and even offer group sessions for basic advice and guidance.

I look forward to working with you and your family.

Our Packages

I offer a range of sleep consultation packages to suit different budgets, lifestyles, preferences and locations. I can work face to face with families based in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, or, if you are based further afield then telephone or online packages mean we can still work together on bringing sleep back to your household.

An online package is perfect if you want a sleep consultation but you aren’t based in my local area. It’s also a cheaper option too!

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A telephone package is great if you live outside my local area or your life is too busy to meet in person. Research has shown that telephone working is just as effective as face to face.

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A face to face package is perfect for those who feel more comfortable with me meeting their family and their child.

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Groups are a great way of sharing general advice and information regarding sleep and sleep problems. Group sessions can be a great way to prepare for an imminent arrival!

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Add-ons are a great way to get additional support once you have purchased a sleep package. They can be used once your existing support package comes to an end or for further support at a later date.

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If you can’t find something that suits you and your family then please contact me to discuss your preferences.

About Me

I have worked as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) in the NHS for the last 6 years using low intensity treatment packages to help people manage and recover from stress, anxiety and low mood. Part of my role includes working with people on insomnia and facilitating on a sleep workshop and it is an area I feel passionately about given its impact on wellbeing.

During my career as a PWP I became a mother to two beautiful children, both of whom were tongue tied, dairy intolerant and who suffered from reflux. This threw me into a world of sleep deprivation and I got first hand experience of how regular poor sleep affected wellbeing and day to day functioning.

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My Approach

I offer an alternative to controlled crying. As a parent I understand that when your child cries it is your natural instinct to respond to them. I know that the thought of leaving your child to cry to teach them how to self-settle and sleep feels wrong and is deeply upsetting.

I offer a range of techniques to address different areas of sleep problems from night weaning to sleep props to dealing with nightmares or transitioning into a bed etc. The techniques that I use are gradual behavioural techniques so they are more gentle for your child, less distressing as a parent and do not involve leaving your child to cry.

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I’d love the opportunity to work with you and your family whether that be online, face to face, or in a group.

Or if you’d just like to get in touch to find out more please contact me.