My Approach

I offer an alternative to controlled crying. As a parent I understand that when your child cries it is your natural instinct to respond to them. I know that the thought of leaving your child to cry to teach them how to self-settle and sleep feels wrong and is deeply upsetting.

I offer a range of techniques to address different areas of sleep problems from night weaning to sleep props to dealing with nightmares or transitioning into a bed etc. The techniques that I use are gradual behavioural techniques so they are more gentle for your child, less distressing as a parent and do not involve leaving your child to cry.

As with any change I would expect some level of protest or resistance initially from a child, just as we as adults are resistant to change. The key with my approach is that you never leave your child to protest or cry but you soothe and comfort them. With the way that I work I would not expect a lot of protest due to the gentle nature of the techniques, however in the first stages of any new sleep plan I would expect there to be some resistance.

I have a flexible approach whereby I will work with you and your family to support you in the way that you feel most comfortable with. The personalised sleep plans that I send you are not rigid and can be further adjusted to fit your family.

I understand that sometimes parents are still not ready to fully commit to the solutions that I offer, even if they know that they are what are needed to help their child sleep better. I therefore will be on hand to support parents with what they feel able to commit to at that time. The way that I work allows parents the flexibility to implement the full plan at a later date when they feel more ready to commit, with the knowledge that they can come back to me for further support should they need to.

My approach is to offer guidance and advice on sleep issues using evidence based information and research that is age appropriate and problem specific. I understand that each child and family is unique and that a one size fits all approach does not work. Therefore my approach is to make your sleep journey one that fits you and your family.

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